Who We Are

Micro Trends is a technology and communications provider for small and midsize businesses. We provide optimum technology solutions and use our experience to ensure quality and value. Micro Trends has served as a technological core for the San Gabriel Valley and Los Angeles community for over 35 years! Our facility is in Pasadena, and we have been a member of the Pasadena Chamber of Commerce for years! We love our community and enjoy serving the needs of our clients. At Micro Trends, we pride ourselves on having unmatched commitment and unprecedented success towards serving the technological needs of our clients.

Rick Khan


Micro Trends opened in 1983 with the intention of providing optimal technology solutions to clients.  35 years later, Micro Trends continues to live up to its objective! Khan didn’t always have the intention of servicing the computer industry. His journey towards selling and servicing computer technology is an interesting and inspiring one.

Once Khan obtained his degree in business and accounting, he began working for an accounting firm. His success in the field was undeniable, and he was able to climb the corporate ladder quite quickly. It was the introduction to a specific accounting software that sparked Khan’s interest in computer technology. Following this discovery, Khan decided to leave the world of accounting behind and delve deeper into the world of computers. He enrolled in a computer school and worked at various software and computer programming positions while pursuing his education.

When Khan completed his computer education, he decided to own and operate his own business. With several years of computer education and experience, he knew the needs, products, and services clients desired. His intent was to make computer products and services easily accessible while maintaining competitively affordable rates. Following the company opening, Khan placed a single ad for his services on a local newspaper, and the rest is Micro Trends history! The corporation steadily grew and continues to thrive 35 years later.

Micro Trends has continued to grow and adapt based on the needs of its clients. Currently, Micro Trends services include cloud computing, managed services, and the 3CX telecommunication system. Through its commitment to quality and integrity of service, Micro Trends has been able to maintain and institute long lasting relationships with businesses. With a deep commitment to serve, Micro Trends has managed to leave businesses and clients with successful and valued outcomes.

The reasons for Micro Trends success are many, however Khan’s passion and interest for computer technology and client satisfaction is number one. The focal point for Micro Trends has always remained its clients and the company’s success is a testament to it. With these objectives and Khan’s dedicated leadership, Micro Trends aims to continue serving the community for many years to come.