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V65 Prime Business Phone

Feature  Description 
High-Resolution Display  A large, high-resolution screen for clear visuals and easy navigation. 
Power over Ethernet (PoE) Support  Streamlined installation and reduced cable clutter. 
Advanced Security  Robust security features to protect sensitive business communications. 
Customizable Function Keys  Easily configure keys for quick access to frequently used functions. 
HD Voice and Speakerphone  Crystal-clear audio quality and a high-definition speaker for effective calls. 
Bluetooth Connectivity  Connect wirelessly to headsets and mobile devices for added convenience. 
Video Calling  High-quality video calls for enhanced remote collaboration. 
Supported  Supported by 3CX 



The V65 Prime Business Phone is a high-end IP phone designed for enterprise users who require advanced communication features and flexibility. It is manufactured by VTech, a leading provider of innovative telecommunication solutions. The V65 Prime Business Phone is an upgrade from the V64 Prime Business Phone, offering enhanced features and functionality.
One of the key features of the V65 Prime Business Phone is its large color display, which measures 4.3 inches diagonally. The display is easy to read and provides high-quality visuals for video calls and browsing through menus and options. The phone also features a high-quality speakerphone and support for advanced audio codecs such as Opus, G.722, and G.711, ensuring crystal-clear voice quality during calls.
The V65 Prime Business Phone includes 30 programmable keys that can be customized to suit the user’s preferences and workflow. These keys can be configured to provide one-touch access to frequently used features and functions, such as call forwarding, conference calling, and voicemail. The phone also supports up to six SIP accounts, enabling users to manage multiple phone lines from a single device.

In terms of connectivity, the V65 Prime Business Phone includes a built-in Ethernet switch with support for Power over Ethernet (PoE), enabling easy installation and setup. The phone also includes a Bluetooth module, which can be used to connect wireless headsets and other Bluetooth-enabled devices. Additionally, the phone supports wireless DECT headsets for added convenience and mobility.
The V65 Prime Business Phone is equipped with advanced security features, including Transport Layer Security (TLS) and Secure Real-time Transport Protocol (SRTP), which provide secure communications and prevent unauthorized access. The phone also supports VPN, which can be used to secure remote access to the corporate network.
Overall, the V65 Prime Business Phone is a powerful and versatile IP phone that offers enterprise-grade features and functionality. It is an ideal solution for businesses of all sizes that require advanced communication capabilities and flexibility.

  • System = Linux
  • Main Screen = 4.3-inch 480*272 Color Screen (IPS)
  • Multi-light Keypad = x
  • TILT/Adj. Screen = √
  • AntibacterialSurface = √
  • DSS Keys = 45
  • SIP Lines = 20
  • Local Phone Book = 2000
  • Audio Conference = 6-way local conference
  • Integrated Camera = x
  • Wideband codecs = G.722, Opus
  • Narrowband codecs = G.711, G.723.1, G.726, G.729A/B, iLBC
  • USB = USB Type A x 1, Connect with USB headset & USB
  • Bluetooth = Bluetooth 4.2
  • WiFi = Built-in 2.4GHz & 5GHz
  • PoE = √
  • Network = 10/100/1000 Mbps
  • EHS = √
  • IPv6 = √

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