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Yealink WH62

The Yealink WH62 is a versatile and reliable headset designed to enhance communication experiences. With its comfortable over-head design and wired/wireless connectivity options, it offers convenience and flexibility in various work settings. The wireless DECT technology allows you to answer calls remotely while staying productive, thanks to a wireless range of 524.9 ft. The boom microphone design ensures comfortable and hassle-free communication. With a USB 2.0 host interface, the WH62 provides reliable data transfer and enhanced performance. Immerse yourself in quality sound with its stereo headset and enjoy deep lows and euphoric highs with a frequency range of 20 Hz-10 kHz. The WH62 combines comfort, functionality, and audio excellence, making it a valuable tool for effective communication.


The Yealink WH62 is a wireless DECT headset designed to optimize professional communication experiences. With its ergonomic design and exceptional audio quality, the WH62 provides comfort and clarity for users in various work environments. Featuring wideband audio technology, the WH62 delivers clear and crisp sound, ensuring that every conversation is heard with precision. The noise-canceling microphone effectively reduces background noise, allowing for uninterrupted and focused communication, even in bustling office spaces.
The wireless connectivity of the WH62 enables users to move freely while staying connected. With a DECT base station, the headset offers a generous range, providing flexibility and freedom to roam up to 160 meters (line of sight) from the base station without compromising audio quality.

The Yealink WH62 is equipped with intuitive call control functions, including answering and ending calls, adjusting volume, and muting. These functions can be easily accessed directly from the headset, allowing for seamless and effortless call management.
Comfort is a priority with the WH62. The lightweight design and adjustable headband ensure a secure and personalized fit, while the soft ear cushions provide long-lasting comfort, enabling extended wear without discomfort or fatigue. The WH62 is compatible with Yealink IP phones, PCs, and mobile devices, making it a versatile choice for professionals across different communication platforms. Whether you are working in a busy office or need to stay connected while on the move, the WH62 offers reliable wireless communication without compromising audio quality or comfort.

• Reliable and convenient audio solution
• Sharp-looking over-head design for a comfortable fit
• Wired/Wireless connectivity option for flexibility
• Wireless Digital Enhanced Cordless Telecommunications (DECT) technology for remote call answering while multitasking
• Boom microphone design for maximum comfort and hassle-free talking
• Wireless range of 524.9 ft for smooth connectivity
• USB 2.0 host interface for reliable data transfer and enhanced performance
• Stereo headset for immersive sound experience
• Ear-cup design for optimum comfort and noise isolation
• Frequency range of 20 Hz-10 kHz for deep lows and euphoric highs

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